About Us

Birrueta Reforestation was founded in 1993 in the State of Oregon by Antonio O. Birrueta. The Birrueta Management Team pride themselves in always proving efficient, excellent, and timely labor. In order to establish and offer a business of excellence, it is essential to provide quality performance and a crew that has integrity, loyalty, professionalism, experience, technical capability, that is truthful, hardworking, safety conscience and is knowledgeable in the job being performed. Most importantly the business should have good leadership that models these virtues.

The Birrueta Company is growing each year as the services provided are expanded and the customer base increases. Businesses often request Birrueta Reforestation for additional jobs and we often get calls for new work by word of mouth recommendations. It is my belief that this is an indication of a satisfied customer. When receiving Evaluations from completed contracted work, evaluations are always excellent and our crews are always highly recommended. Under the evaluations tab there is letters of recommendations as well as evaluations from work completed through the US Forest Service.