What We Do!

What we do: Reforestation and Forestry work!
You may ask “what is that?”, it is simple! Think of the Forest. We work on maintaining a healthy forest and all the aspects in-between, it is a cycle. We work in all parts of the “cycle” from collecting cones to planting tree seedlings, pruning trees and removing invasive weeds. Awarded contracts are completed for Bureau of Land Management (BLM), The United States Forest Service (USFS), Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as Private Contractors.

Cone Collection:
Experienced Tree Climbers climb different types of trees to collect cones; it is more difficult than it sounds. Always wearing protective gear, a helmet, safety harness and gloves, climbers use ladders and ropes to scale trees finding cones in good condition to collect seeds from the healthy cones.

Tree Planting, Tubing and Matting:
To plant trees crews have used augers, hoedads, and shovels, ranging in different sizes, to plant bareroot seedlings as well as plug seedlings. Types of trees that have been planted include but are not limited to: Douglas Fir, Sugar Pine, Red Alder (3-4’ roots), Black Cottonwood (4-5’ root), Sitka Willow (3’ roots), Pacific Willow (3’ roots), and Sitka Spruce (2-3’ roots). Tubing installation is when a stake, usually bamboo, is placed in the ground next to a seedling with a plastic tube connected that is placed around the seedling for protection from animals. Matting of paper mulch includes stapling 3 foot by 3 foot paper mulch to the ground around seedlings (seedlings being in the center).

Wildland Fire Fighting:
We currently have two crews contracted with the Oregon Department of Forestry. As of now, we have six qualified Crew Bosses, five qualified Squad Bosses and three Trainee Squad Bosses. Experience is key; many of our Crew Bosses have over twenty years!

Tree Pruning:
When pruning trees, our crews use handsaws specifically made for tree pruning. Personnel cut the lower branches of the specified trees to help maintain the trees and promote healthy tree growth.

Weed Control:
Many different weeds are removed in several ways. Tools like chainsaws or weed eaters may be used as well as small hand tools. The species type and time of year contribute to choosing the type of tool and the way the weeds and unwanted vegetation are removed.